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Konami Nemesis 3 Music Remake

So its time to get back into the studio and work on more music remakes from the Konami games. Next track currently in production is the stage intro music from Nemesis 3 :) No idea when I'll finish it but I'll keep ya posted

I can now announce that the next track will be the boss music from Nemesis 2 (And features in Nemesis 3 as well). The structure of the track is done, and pretty much all of the parts are done. I'm just adding the final bits of percussion and then the mastering and finally the youtube video production.

The remake series is now at position 14 in the charts locally on Reverbnation, and has climbed 66 places to position 53 for the national rank (United Kingdom).

To help me get a higher position, please continue to play the tracks from the widget on this screen as this affects my ranking.


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Another feature on BeeGamer website

Nareox from BeeGamer website has taken the time to write a great article about my Nemesis 2 boss remake :) Check it out! http://beegamer.es/2013/12/03/david-mathews-lanza-un-nuevo-remake/   (note  - Website is in Spanish)

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New Konami music remake - Quarth!

Hey everyone, the site is back online, and pleased to reveal that the next track I'm remaking from the Konami MSX games is...Quarth! I'm doing the final edit today, and then will upload on to YouTube and the free MP3 file will be available here on my website to download to your music devices. (Any of you tried the new Google Music yet? - its very cool!)

This particular remake will also have more info about the actual production of it.

Twitter followers interested in my music productions can follow me  @davidvelocity . Info on releases will be posted immediately on twitter as soon as they are complete :)

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Back in the studio

Hey people! The time has come for me to return into the studio and work on more music. Some exciting stuff coming up. I've been asked to write exclusive music for a new game currently in production, so I'm looking forward to getting that done.  And of course, I'll be starting work on the next Konami MSX Music remake. I'll be revealing more on this very soon. David

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New site!

Welcome to the new website layout. The entire site has been rebuilt from scratch using the very latest web site wizardry to help you get to what you need quickly!

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The Konami Remakes are provided free of charge for you to enjoy. If you like what you hear, and would like to support me, you can donate to me using the link below.

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