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New tracks coming in 2015!

I'm happy to reveal that i'll be returning back into the studio properly from January 2015 to work on brand new Konami MSX music remakes! I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have posted messages on youtube, or emailed me directly with your positive words. It's very much an inspiration to me to know that something I created is being enjoyed by so many people. It means a lot.

Happy New Year and see you all in 2015!!


- David

For those of you who are fans of the Nemesis / Gradius series games, I've done a remake of another piece of music from Nemesis 3 'Eve of Destruction'.

The track will be available on YouTube on Tues 22nd October 2013, and will be available to download as an MP3 for FREE from here. A new MP3 download menu will also be launched on this site for those of you trying to download on to phones and tablet devices.

For immediate access to the track, add me on twitter @davidvelocity

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Bitcoin donations accepted!

If you are a fan of the Konami remakes, and would like to donate something to the project to help me continue, it would be very much appreciated! You can now donate using bitcoins. Click the 'donation bitcoin' graphic to reveal the QR code. Donors will get sent future remakes before general release, including early studio preview versions.

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Nemesis 2 'Boss' Remake released!

I've completed the remake of Nemesis 2 'Boss' soundtrack. This time, I've added a bit more of my own sound to it, but of course, it's still very much got the original Japanese composition in, alongside a few familier sound effects ;) Hope you all like it! :)

 Konami MSX Remakes continues to spread out with a dramatic rise in plays via Reverbnation and is now locally within the top 40 position. I've just set up an account on Soundcloud, so those of you on that will be able to access the tracks easily.

Thanks for all your support!

MSX Resource Centre have been kind enough to feature my remakes on their website and help spread the music. So a special welcome to those of you who have found my site from that! Keep watching closely, new tracks will be announced shortly.

After spending many many days working in the studio to create these Konami remakes, its always nice to know my work is appreciated by others who share the happy memories of playing the games.

So I was pleasently surprised when I received a twitter link to an article on BeeGamer website about my latest remake from Penguin Adventure. Now, unfortunately my spanish reading skills are not exactly the best, but using Google translate in Chrome, I translated the article and was really happy to read the kind words. Massive thanks to SkyGuso & Nareox for your help in spreading my music!

Take a look at the article here

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New Konami Music Remake

It's been nearly a month since I started working on another remake from Nemesis 3, but at long last its available for you to listen to! Check the music production page for more info

As promised, the F1 Spirit ending song has been remade and released on to youtube, and will be downloadable from here as an MP3 Shortly! The next track to be remade will be revealed shortly...

The track is now LIVE on YouTube, and you can also listen / download via Reverbnation. A new menu will shortly be available for easier downloading of the tracks. Hope you all enjoy  the new release and look forward to reading your comments :)

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PayPal Donation

The Konami Remakes are provided free of charge for you to enjoy. If you like what you hear, and would like to support me, you can donate to me using the link below.

Total donations as of Jan 2015 = £0